The Flavor Lazer - Asanoha


The Flavor Lazer is the latest in desktop infrared thermometer technology.

Low profile and sturdy design with large brightly lit screen for fast and reliable temperature readings.


• LED indicated adjustable ‘Flavor Zone’
• -58°F~1022°F (-50℃~550℃) readings
• High precision +/- 2℃ accuracy
• <0.55s refresh rate
• Adjustable Emissivity
• Color 42mm backlit screen
• 5400mWh high capacity Li-ion battery
• Fast charging via USB (cable included)
• Low battery indicator on screen
• On/Off (Hold) switch
• Fahrenheit/Celsius toggle
• 3D printed housing - Asanoha design
• Printed and assembled in Eugene, Oregon

73mm from base to top of IR sensor.
1/2” or more should be kept between bottom of your quartz and IR sensor.

*Please refer to @theflavorlazer Instagram page for adjustment instructions.